HELP! My Toddler Won't Sleep!

The Gentle Fix for Toddlers Who Just Won't Sleep

How do you help a toddler who still can’t sleep through the night? Or one who cries when you try to put him to bed when he’s still awake? 

If you’ve been struggling through sleepless nights, you might feel like you’re at your wits’ end. You’re exhausted, frustrated, and desperate for answers. We were, too. 

 We tried No Tears for months before realizing that it wasn’t going to work. Cry It Out didn’t appeal to us. But it seemed like everything we read was geared towards one of those two methods. 

 In desperation, we turned to a family friend, a post-partum doula on the west coast. We developed a sleep training technique that incorporated advice based on her experience, tailored to meet our desire for a gentle approach.  

Whether you’ve tried other methods already or are just getting started, this book will show you exactly how to finally teach your toddler to sleep… so you can rest easy, too.

In This Quick Read You’ll Learn:

Why your toddler freaks when you put him to bed while he's still awake

How to teach your toddler to go to sleep without hysterics

How to handle midnight wakeup calls

How much sleep is enough, and why those sleep recommendation charts really don't matter

help my toddler sleep

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Paul Miller

About the Author

Born and raised in Minnesota, Paul met the love of his life by chance at a restaurant. In 2015, they fled the frigid Minnesota winters and relocated to the Gulf Coast of Florida. 

Paul and Kristee have two boys, one in preschool and one still in diapers. Paul works hard every day to be the best dad in the world.

Paul is an author, speaker, and technology consultant. This is his first in a series of books about fatherhood.

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